For nearly twenty years, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the go to resource in the Duramax and Allison line of diesel automotive products. This on going mission of providing expert knowledge and solutions is driven by our unwavering dedication to supporting our customers.
1. Excessive oil consumption and leak. A bad PCV valve may have a leak, which will cause excessive oil consumption. In addition, you may also notice oil leaking through the seals and dripping on to the floor of your garage. This is because the pressure in the crankcase may increase when the PCV valve fails, so the oil is pushed out through the ...
The normal PCV airflow in the 2.8 is as follows: 1) Fresh air is taken from the intake system downstream of the air filter. 2) This air enters the crankcase through the fitting in the forward valve cover. 3) Air and other crankcase gases exit the crankcase through the fitting in the rear valve cover, via the PCV valve.
The PVC system is designed to relieve crankcase pressure and capture the oil fumes. Some have used small hose to vent the crankcase, when re-routing the PVC, and that caused crankcase pressure to build and oil leaks. Of course if you have a bad piston, and excessive crankcase pressure, you will also have oil leaks.
Aug 05, 2020 · Introduced in 2001, the LB7 is the OG 6.6L Duramax. This engine is the base platform that today’s 6.6L L5P Duramax is built off of. Spanning six different variations and nearly 20 years of production, the LB7 has certainly proved to be a reliable and durable platform.
Jan 23, 2007 · The little caps ontop of the valve covers come off...take them off. Clean out the one small pin hole. You probably will not see it because it will be clogged with oil. But you will know it is there because of a corrosponding broken hose that runs to it. Just use a scratch owl to clean it out.
Since 2017, we have been developing, supporting, and improving the original GM 1.4L Turbo PCV Fix Kit. With two tried and proven PCV fix kit designs (and a third in the works), we are constantly working to improve our products to provide value and a durable solutions to owners, retailers, and auto repair shops.
Oct 29, 2018 · Only thing i can think of is that i have a leak on the dipstick which is getting adapted overtime .. so when im pulling the dipstick it doesn't change anything cause there already a leak .. I also had "oil burned" since the PCV failure and it seems like also after replacing it .. im still checking it as i didn't put a lot of mileage in those ... Background: the term 'PCV' valve is not appropriate. PCV is positive crankcase ventilation valve. The v12 has a negative crankcase pressure. So these are VCV valves (volume control valves). The high intake vacuum sucks the oil-contaminated fumes (mist) from the crankcase right into the manifolds so they get burned in the combustion process.
Dec 11, 2010 · Oil leak from the PCV vent tube. If an excessive oil leak from the PCV vent tube has been verified, check for diesel fuel in the oil. If diesel fuel is found in the crankcase, complete the current SI diagnostics for Fuel Leaks Inside of Engine. If there is no fuel in the engine oil and the crankcase is not overfilled with oil, check for a ...
Okay. I have oil leaking somewhere under my truck, best i can see is that it's coming from the crankcase breather, seems to leak more when the truck runs longer, and hotter, first thought was injectors, but the oil doesnt smell like fuel.
May 10, 2016 · I've got a 2009 4.2 Q7. I recently traced a minor oil leak to the PCV. Thinking it was the O-ring on the PCV I removed it, took some pictures and replaced the O-ring. Well 100 miles later I am still getting fresh oil leaking down the small oil return hose on the PCV.
It had been about 5k miles since the last oil change. I took the car in for an oil change later this week, and the techs there advised me that I had a pretty good oil leak, and to get that fixed before getting an oil change. So I took it in to the shop, and after a day they told me that the PCV hoses and breather box needed replacing.
I have been chasing an oil leak in my 97 Honda Civic EX for the past year. Here’s what I’ve done, where I am, would like your opinion. 97 Honda Civic EX with VTEC 4 cylinder developed oil leak at about 77,100 miles. Replaced O-ring, 77,122 miles, leak continues. Replaced Valve gasket cover and O-ring, 78,600 miles, leak continues. Replaced Rear Main Seal, 80,527 miles, leak continues ...
Feb 05, 2020 · I have a 2006 Chevy diesel (LBZ) and there is oil leaking from the charge air cooler outlet. The dealer has looked at it and says it's the PCV valves and not the turbo oil seal. I have talked to other shops and one said he's never repaired a Duramax pcv valve. I declined the dealer repair because it was going to be over $2000.

GM OEM Oil Cooler To Block Seal,LML, 2012-2016 & Replacement Oil Cooler Seal 2001-2016 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Fits: 2001-2016 GM/Duramax (when used as oil cooler seal) 2012-2016 GM/Duramax Oil cooler to Block seal

The RTV seal between the stamped aluminum PCV baffle plate and the underside of the engine rocker cover may have deteriorated, allowing excessive oil mist to intrude into the PCV system. The molded silicone intake manifold side gasket may have deteriorated at the PCV flow orifice, allowing excessive PCV gases to flow into the intake manifold.

Check out the deal on Merchant Automotive 19210615 Engine Oil Cooler Assembly 01-10 6.6L GM Duramax at Diesel Power Products 888.99.DIESEL Support will be unavailable 12/24 at 2:00 PM PST until Monday 12/28

If the system starts to leak, it can allow unmetered air to enter the intake. This can cause misfires and lean codes. In some cases, the pressure generated from the turbocharger can find its way into the crankcase if the system has failed. This extra pressure can cause oil leaks.
When a PCV valve stops working, pressure builds up inside the valve cover. This pressure can cause a number of problems for the engine, including an oil leak, particularly at the valve pan gasket. Clogged PCV valves may make an engine run poorly, decrease gas mileage and increase vehicle emissions.
Aug 23, 2006 · So I did a boost leak test at the turbo inlet and heard air coming out of the oil cap. So I pulled the PCV hose and air was just rushing through it, but there is still air coming from the oil cap also. I then did the test from the TB elbow and air was still coming from the cap and of course the PCV.
The Duramax PCV design vents the crankcase pressure into the intake. As a byproduct of the process, engine oil is introduced into the turbocharger. Over time, this engine oil coats the inside of the intercooler and intercooler tubing. The primary concern is that large quantities of oil settle in the intercooler boots, causing them to rapidly degrade.
01-04 duramax lb7 intercoolers; 04.5-05 duramax lly intercoolers; 06-07 duramax lly / lbz intercoolers; 07.5-10 duramax lmm intercoolers; 11-15 duramax lml intercoolers; interior accessories; lighting; oil filters; on-board air systems; pcv related; pulling / racing products. air shut-off; bellmouth velocity stacks; steering / suspension. rod ...
Apr 29, 2019 · There is a breather plate located on the driver side of the engine if the gasket on the breather plate failed or the pcv hose connector to the plate broke oil would then drip from the area. Pictured blow is the location of the breather plate. Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk
6.6L Duramax Maintenance Schedule and Service Information. Transmission service, Differential service, Transfer case service, Coolant Flush and EGR Cleaning
Oct 18, 2000 · If you do find oil in your air cleaner it may well be that your PCV valve is stuck closed and is therefore not sucking the blow-by out of the crankcase but rather, it is blowing back into the air cleaner. Make sure to check the PCV Valve before overhauling your engine!! Here's a trick that one of my readers suggested.
A clogged PCV system can blow your cam seals as I understand it. If they are saying the seals are really blown, I would argue that they need to cover it under warranty. There is no way a cam or crank seal should deteriorate and leak with normal usage by 40K miles. And if the timing belt needs to be changed, it is only because of the oil leak.
Aug 13, 2010 · Been fighting and chasing oil leak for the past year. Changed all of the seals less the exhaust cam (due to the trouble of realigning the gear), resealed the pan, cleaned the PCV system still leaking, took in into a local Volvo shop where they said it was the front lower main seal which was only a year old.
Wipe the underside of the engine to clean all dirt and oil from the oil pan, etc. Plug breather pipe and oil filler opening with rags. With the engine idling, blow compressed air into the dipstick pipe or opening. Watch for oil leak and trace to the source.
Putting a Stop to Oil Consumption through the PCV Valve Background Info on the PCV System The PCV is an emissions device that allows the pressure and corrosive gasses in the crankcase to vent, without venting these harmful gasses to the environment. The directional valve is in place to prevent a backfire from spreading to the crankcase.
Nov 12, 2009 · ccv or pcv oil leak. i see oil around the ccv pcv valve on a ALH tdi motor is this normal. In fact the oil is spilling into the intake and going into the turbo
Nov 12, 2010 · View the entire photo gallery of SUBARU engine oil leak sources here. SUBARU Front camshaft oil seals oil leak. Note: The front camshaft oil seal leak information applies only to Subaru engines with a timing belt such as the 1.8L EJ18, 2.2L EJ22, 2.5L EJ25. Does not apply to the H6 EZ30 which uses a timing chain).
Would oil be coming out near the pcv valve enough to drip down like that and make a spot on the ground if the valve was damaged or failed the past 3 days? It it matters, the leak seems to be further back, about a foot behind the front tires in the middle where the car sits.
Mar 09, 2010 · Oil leak from pcv thing? Hey guys, I have a small oil leak around the thing that sits on top (top-side) of the passenger head. It looks like some kind of pcv system on the valve cover and is rectangle almost.
I have a ticking noise in my new 2007 duramax. Bought it in September and has 4200 on it now. I took it to the dealer they didn't know anything the Rep came by didn't know anything. They took the cross arm off to pull the lower oil pan off, then removed the transmission and fly wheel to get to the upper oil pan and adjusted the oilers.
Apr 27, 2012 · Brand new engine rebuild. I have a new PCV valve in the passenger side cover, with a baffle. I have a breather on the driver's side cover, with no baffle. The only reason I don't have a baffle is because I don't have any other place to add oil and it makes it SOOO much easier and faster to add oil.
Reduce Leaks, Engine Wear, and Oil Consumption for Vehicles above 75,000 Miles DuraMAX High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are specially formulated for high mileage engines, especially those engines with over 75,000 miles. They are formulated to promote clean engines with excellent control of sludge and other engine deposits that form due ...
Apr 21, 2017 · “Leak” is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to oil and the Volvo XC90 oil leak sources – at least when it comes to my 2004 2.5T, and I know the same theory can be applied to other years and engines as well. I suppose that any place oil escapes from the oil circulation system, only to find itself in a place where it should not be (ie your driveway or all over your valve cover) could be ...
Purchase the HSP PCV Re-Route Kit and reroute the restrictive factory hoses on your 2004.5-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax. The specially engineered free flow design of the PCV Re-Route Kit prolongs the life of your turbo and eliminates the oil residue that the factory system leaves in your engine bay.
NHTSA ID Number: 10163227 Manufacturer Communication Number: 18NA150 Summary This informational bulletin provides information on 6.6L Duramax Possible Oil Leak Path Information. 13 Affected Products Vehicles MAKE MODEL YEAR CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2017 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 2019 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 2018-2020 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 3500 2020 GMC SIERRA 2017 GMC SIERRA 1500 2019 GMC SIERRA 2500 ...
Oct 29, 2018 · Only thing i can think of is that i have a leak on the dipstick which is getting adapted overtime .. so when im pulling the dipstick it doesn't change anything cause there already a leak .. I also had "oil burned" since the PCV failure and it seems like also after replacing it .. im still checking it as i didn't put a lot of mileage in those ...
May 02, 2016 · While the first models of GM trucks to offer the Duramax engine/Allison transmission combo are aging, clean versions can still command a pretty penny. The one Achilles heel of the LB7 Duramax engine is injector failure. Sooner or later, the injectors will need to be replaced (a $3,000 to $4,000 expense depending on the shop performing the work).
Nov 29, 2020 · Oil Pan Leak. An oil pan is located at the bottom of the engine and is bolted to the block using many bolts and is sealed using a gasket. This oil pan is designed to collect oil into a centralized area allowing the oil pump to re-circulate it back into the engine. If the pan is damaged or if the gasket fails it can leak oil around the pan itself.
The Duramax has long been susceptible to fuel starvation failures because the engine doesn't use a lift pump to feed the primary pressure pump. It's common, particularly on 2001-to-2007 LB7 models, for the filter housing before the filter to develop cracks and leaks in the O-ring, allowing air to enter the system.
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Minor oil leak in the shock is usually not considered a warranty issue. ... Wehrli 2004.5-2010 LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax PCV Reroute Kit with Intake Horn Plug. $129.39.
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If installed too soon, the pan-to-block interface will leak oil, guaranteed. The manufacturer tells us that “the best way is to drain the OEM pan, remove it and let the Duramax engine drain overnight. The next day, install the Banana Pan and let the sealant cure for 24 hours before putting fresh oil in the engine.”. Have an '04 srt with about 8500 miles. Noticed a couple drops of oil on the garage floor under the front of the car on the drivers' side. Took it in to the dealer and they said it is normal! What? They said it was coming from the PCV valve and did that after hard driving. Seems to leak all...
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Upon my discovery of the massive oil leak, I now know was spawned from the pcv valve going bad which has resulted in blowing out 3 seals and requiring a new pan. I have recieved an estimate from a vw dealership service dept and a well know auto repair shop- both have quoted the cost no less than $2000 with potential of reaching $3000. Installing a Sinister Diesel PCV Reroute on a 2006 LBZ Duramax. Below is the link to the Sinister Diesel kit on their website. Site Link: https://sinisterdie...
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Common Oil Leak #7 – 7.3 Powerstroke Oil Leak in the Valley. The valley sits on top of the engine block behind the HPOP and ahead of the turbo pedestal. With a so-called “Valley of Death” leak, 7.3 engine oil will pool up in the “V” between the two banks of cylinder heads and valve-covers. 2004 Duramax Water In Fuel Light. 2004 Duramax Water In Fuel Light ...
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Chevy Silverado 4.3L 2008, PCV Valve by FRAM®. The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system prevents the release of harmful emissions, helps keep engine oil clean and prevents excessive crankcase pressure, which can cause oil leaks.... Installing a Sinister Diesel PCV Reroute on a 2006 LBZ Duramax. Below is the link to the Sinister Diesel kit on their website. Site Link: https://sinisterdie...
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The truck has 185k on it, full egr delete and pcv reroute. Outside of that it's completely stock. The oil will hardly leak after an hour of idle in the driveway, as soon as I get the rpms up it pours out. After driving 200 miles I will have to add a quart. I have replaced the oil pan gasket so far and cannot see any oil coming from the turbo ... Jan 07, 2018 · Pull the manifold. Doing the under-the-car-no-manifold-removal is for folks with child like hands. If your PCV has failed, you'd have a good sized amount of oil in your manifold. Pretty sure @Raider has my old PCV plate and valve in his attic. That would make it super quick for swap. Save on Lisle Flywheel Locking Tool for 6.6L Duramax LIS22100 at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes.
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Hey there! I’m in dire need of help. Okay so I have an oil leak from the PCV Valve Cover of my Cruze (2015 LT 1.4L). I thought it was the gasket but after replacing it there was still a leak. Took another look and the oil is coming from the two bolts on the left. I’m pretty sure I overtightened the bolt as it just spins now. Jun 06, 2005 · Factory replacement and aftermarket performance parts for 2004 - 2005 6.6L Chevy GMC Duramax LLY pickup trucks. GM had a good thing going with the original LB7 Duramax engine, so they wisely decided to keep changes to a minimum when they introduced the new 310HP 6.6L Duramax LLY in 2004. My 2004 doesn’t have a normal pcv valve either. I had a mystery oil leak that I attributed to the oil pan or valley gasket. I’m not the most skilled mechanic so I was going to start with the oil pan. While waiting to get the courage to tackle it I replaced the valve cover gaskets (also leaking).
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I'll check my PCV return line tomorrow for flow. My engine is running a little lean these days (LTFT @ +10-15). I'm wondering if this little grommet is the source of a vacuum leak. Oil+air flows out when crankcase pressures up, but leaks air in causing a lean condition when crankcase pressure is low??? The oil drain line from these components ensures that gas leaking past the turbocharger shaft and the piston rings of an air compressor will pass into the engine crankcase contributing to blowby. Blowby amounts vary greatly depending on engine design, temperature operating conditions and engine wear.
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(3.0L, 2wd 2001 Ranger XLT, Automatic, 160K miles). An oil leak (maybe a drop every day or two) is coming from the back of the engine (basically at the interface with the transmission.) I can?t tell if the oil is coming from the oil pan gasket since the very back portion of the engine oil pan is hidden behind a thin metal cover that, I believe, covers the cone portion of the front of the ... If it leaks air in more than one direction, clean the grit (a few grains can cause leaks!) out with carb cleaner and check it again, and if it still leaks then replace it with an OEM unit. I disagree that OEM PCV valves are garbage, and I can show you several that are still good after almost 300k miles and/or 22 years. I'm only gonna post this for only oily leaks on their 2015 chev. Duramax. Your only worst is at dealer. No way they can tell me they are told by gm people that could that problem. My fight would be only 6000 miles or less then. My truck is on 34000 and still leaks oil or trans.fluid on driveway every night.
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After pulling the oil dipstick, you could smell the diesel fuel in the oil. It was determined that to cure the fuel leaking into the oil it would be best to replace all eight, injectors with new Bosch (PN0986435502 #19) fuel injectors. Follow along as Domestic Diesel’s Chris Greenberg properly removed and installed all-new Bosch fuel injectors.
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A leak in the valve seals could be the cause of smoke and exhaust pipe oil-leaking too. Step 4 – Check the Head Gasket The head gasket seals between head and the main engine block and if the head gasket is blown, engine-coolant from the head can flow into the combustion chambers. Dec 17, 2008 · Would an Intake gasket leak and let a little out that way? this is on the LBZ by the way. Doesn't look like a the turbo drain tube. nothing around that is wet. Also Since i've had the egr blocked and the pcv rerouted, I've got oil coming out where the blocker plate is and the bolts are tight.
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My 2004 doesn’t have a normal pcv valve either. I had a mystery oil leak that I attributed to the oil pan or valley gasket. I’m not the most skilled mechanic so I was going to start with the oil pan. While waiting to get the courage to tackle it I replaced the valve cover gaskets (also leaking). Fitment Notes: 2001-2005 GM Duramax . Thoroughbred Diesel is offering this PCV valve kit from Merchant Automotive. This PCV Valve Kit is the perfect part your 01-05 Duramax needs in it's life! The PCV Valve Kit fits LB7 and LLY GM Duramax's. If you have any questions about this part, stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-737-4966.
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hey guys i have a oil leak coming from the pcv on the valve cover and the oil drips on the header and burns of and smokes. i got rid of the pcv and just stuck some breathers on there and the oil fill hole but it is now leaking from inbetween the grommet and the valve cover and getting all over the header. it is only happening on the passenger side hole though. what could be the problem and how ... Jul 25, 2015 · I have 1800 miles on this oil change and the level has not dropped one iota. A PCV valve stuck open can cause oil consumption and one stuck closed can cause oil leaks at gaskets. As far as using heavy oil treatment to stop oil use see the following writeup from ARGO Automotive repair service A persistent myth about oil consumption
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